Sunday, 1 May 2011

April Roundup

Woman Reading in a Garden by Richard Emil Miller (1875 - 1943)
April was a more productive month reading-wise with the majority of the books completed by the middle of the month.  I kicked off the month with my first Read Cornwall challenge book, Manna from Hades which I I quite enjoyed and was very pleased with being transported back to Cornwall after such a long time.

I also attempted a couple of new-to-me M. C. Beatons with mixed results.  You can read my thoughts on Emily goes to Exeter here and I hope to put up a short review of the latest Hamish Macbeth mystery.

I also finally managed to read an Edith Wharton for the first time, which also counted as my first completed classic for the Classics Challenge 2011The Age of Innocence was a rewarding read and set in a time in America that I don't usually encounter.  I enjoyed it but felt that the ending was bitter-sweet and left me unsatisfied.  I shall definately be searching out more Wharton though as her prose is rich and her observations of upper-crust New Yorkers at the turn of the last century biting yet slightly sympathetic.

I felt like reading something a little lighter after that and who better that Suzette A. Hill to cheer me up and give me a warm, comforting feeling?  Bone Idle is the third book in the Francis Oughterard series and I continue to be delighted with it.  I hope to post something about this unusual, humourous and thouroughly English series soon.

And now I'm on an extended visit to Corduroy Mansions in Pimlico, London.  I completed the second book in the series and enjoyed it so much that I proceeded onto the third, A Conspiracy of Friends, which is officially released today in the UK.  Although the Scotland Street books by Alexander McCall Smith is my favourite of his series, I find that the Corduroy Mansions serials are fast becoming a favourite too.

I hope everyone had a comfortable and peaceful Easter and holidays.  How was your April?

The books:

1. Manna from Hades - Carola Dunn
2. Emily goes to Exeter - M. C. Beaton
3. The Age of Innocence - Edith Wharton
4. Bone Idle - Suzette A. Hill
5. Death of a Chimney Sweep - M. C. Beaton
6. The Dog Who Came in from the Cold - Alexander McCall Smith


verity said...

Ooh - looking forward to seeing you read more Cornish books!

Darlene said...

I just love that image of the Thames and Pimlico!

My April as far as reading goes wasn't spectacular. I read a book that tanked a bit at the end and my Brookner read went even worse than that. BUT, The Tortoise and the Hare is wonderful! I just wish there weren't quite so many distractions at the moment so I could just finish.

Alexander McCall Smith is on my 'author to discover' list. Glad you enjoy his books so much.

Jo said...

Not read any of the Hamish MacBeth Books, but did enjoy Emily goes to Exeter.

Sunday Taylor said...

If you liked "Age of Innocence" by Edith Wharton you will also like "The House of Mirth," which is one of my favorites. I am intrigued by the title on your sidebar -- "As My Whimsey Takes Me." I loved "Gaudy Night" and other titles by Dorothy Sayers, but have not heard of this one. I will look into it. I just finished "By Nightfall" by Michael Cunningham and really enjoyed it. Happy reading.

Cristina (Rochester Reader) said...

Verity: I'm hoping to get hold of a copy of the second book in the Josephine Tey mysteries by Nicola Upson as it is set in Cornwall!

Darlene: The illustrator of AMC's two serials is Iain McIntosh and I'm a big fan of his work. He beautifully captures the wit and whimsy of AMC's books.

I knew you'd like 'Tortoise'! :-) I wonder if any of her other novels are along the same lines... and if they're available.

Jo: I've only read two Hamish M. books and I almost hated the first. Fortunately the latest was much better.

Sunday Taylor: Hello and welcome to my blog! Thank you for the recommendation - I shall add it to my TBR list :-)

'As My Whimsy Takes Me' is an informal reading challenge that I started this year to read all the Wimsey books in chronological order. Anyone can join by clicking on the link or the page in the top menu. It can be a read or a re-read and you can dip in and out as you please.

I've read the first two so far and hope to read book three this month. I really must get the reviews up though! Please check out the Wimsey challenge page for links to reviews by other bloggers.