Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Manic March

The White Rabbit - John Tenniel (from The Nursery Alice)
I can't believe that we're already in the middle of March and that it's turned out to be a bit of a hectic month.  Is it just me or is time going by quickly again?  I feel awful at not having posted in two weeks and that my reading ambitions for this year have shifted into a lower gear (for the moment!). 

I've recommenced studying (home study for an accounting qualification) and it demands a lot of time each day so less time for reading.  My body clock's also been a bit out of kilter for some time and I tend to go to bed late which completely throws out the next day and leaves me feeling a bit like Alice's White Rabbit at times... "No time to say Hello, Goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!"  

This being the Year of the Rabbit and my Chinese horoscope sign being the rabbit, I was promised a smooth and productive year but I have yet to see it!  Fingers crossed, things will get better as the year progresses.  At least matters are drawing to a close with regards the handling of my father's estate and I'm planing on returning to the UK in a few months.  It'll be a wrench, though, as it always is.

So, I have to take myself firmly in hand and apportion time to all the vital daily tasks, especially reading and blogging.  I have two reviews to post (the charming High Wages and the first Wimsey for the As My Whimsy Takes Me Challenge) and I'm currently enjoying my second foray into Sayers' wonderful work.  Thank you to you all who have signed up for the challenge.  I look forward to receiving your links and reading your thoughts.

I hope you all have a lovely March... Spring is in the air for some and for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, autumn is getting closer.  Have a lovely week!


Darlene said...

We feel that March is flying by at our house as well. The schools are closed this week for March break and lots of people have escaped to warmer climates to warm up a bit. Deacon lies in wait at the fence to watch children walk past our fence but sadly, he didn't see a soul today (and it's raining, poor thing).

I'm really looking forward to your review of High Wages, a charming read indeed!

Audrey said...

Just finished my first Whimsy {Wimsey. :)}

Nymeth said...

March is proving to be my slowest reading month in years, so I hear you! Looking forward to your thoughts on Whipple and Sayers :)

josbookjourney said...

March is marching on!

Hope your accounting qualification goes well. I remember doing some of mine at home.

I am sure the reading will pick up soon.

Joan Hunter Dunn said...

As I have a tendancy to quite often try and fit 'just one more thing in' I often find myself saying 'I'm late, I'm late'. Yes March is flying by quickly though I wish it would warm up!

fleurfisher said...

My March has flown too. I remember doing my own accountancy exams and it is so difficult to keep on top of everything, but I'm sure you'll get there.

Cristina (Rochester Reader) said...

Darlene: Oh poor Deacon! I hope the weather improves soon.

Audrey: Super! I'll be over to your blog in a bit to read it :-)

Nymeth: So glad I'm not the only one! I feel so guilty though, which is silly.

josbookjourney: :-) Thank you for your kind wishes. It is challenging!

Joan: Sometimes I wish we could pause slots of time in the day so that we could get everything done that we intended to do!

Fleur: Thank you for your kind words! It's so easy to fall behind with things but some months do seem - oddly - to go by faster than others!