Hello and welcome to my blog!  I hope you will enjoy your stay and return for an ongoing conversation about books and other comforting things. 

I am usually based in Rochester, England although I am currently residing in the Highveld in South Africa.  I have a particular fondness for British cosy fiction at the moment but I will generally enjoy any well-written book that inspires, comforts or educates through fiction. My tastes can be eclectic but I unfortunately do not seem to read as much I as used to! This blog will serve to remedy that and to provide a platform for sharing the love of books with others in the book-o-blogosphere... with the occassional post about knitting and vegan food.

If you'd like to contact me, my e-mail is

Painting above is The Reader (1910) by Frank Weston Benson.  The painting in my header is Woman in Hammock by Sandra Hayen.

My previous template contained a header with the painting entitled The New Novel (1877) by Winslow Homer.  Archived 20110508.

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