Tuesday, 1 February 2011

January Roundup

January has seen an excellent start to the new reading year, especially since I decided to try to read more books than in past years.  I completed seven books in January - which is a recent personal best - thanks in no small part to Virago Reading Week. 

The books I chose were largely comfort reads (and how I still need those!) and were made up of books that I had been meaning to read for ages (such as Henrietta's War and Excellent Women), an old favourite series that I had not visited for two years (Jacqueline Winspear's beautifully executed Maisie Dobbs series) and a new author, Suzette A. Hill.

Suzette A. Hill is a joyful discovery!  I first came across her Francis Oughterard novels last year whilst perusing a Constable Robinson catalogue and was very happy to have secured the first two books at a fairly reasonable price (for a hardback).  It took a few months for me to eventually get on with ordering them but I am so glad I did.

Reading Dorothy L. Sayers for the first time was a definite hit.  I was unsure of whether it would hold my attention as I have listened to all of the BBC's radio adaptations of the novels with the excellent Ian Carmichael.  But I was not bored at all and was still enthralled and enchanted by Wimsey and Sayers' sublime prose.

All of the books were satisfactory and highly enjoyable, with the exception of the Elizabeth Taylor, which was a little less gripping than I expected but nevertheless an enlightening read.  I shall be putting up reviews for some or all of the January books soon and I hope that February will be as productive!

The books:

1. Miss Buncle's Book - D. E. Stevenson (started at the end of December 2010)


Gypsy Rose Creations said...

I love seeing what everybody is reading and then adding to my very long wishlist. I think this year I want more time for me to read. I have such a full on life, that I sometimes forgot about me. So all these blogs are keeping me determined to make that time.
I love the picture of the lady in the blue dress aswell. Just beautful.

Carolyn said...

Gorgeous books, I am of course coveting the Viragos.

Annie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who needs comfort reads the same way that others need comfort food. I would always include Maisie Dobbs in that category. I've just read the new that comes out in the Spring and the review will go up later today. I'm pleased to be able to say she is going from strength to strength.

verity said...

And you didn't mention coming back to blogging either :) Nice to see you back Cristina

Darlene said...

Echoing Verity's comment...it is lovely to have you around again!

My hand hesitated over Miss Buncle's Book before choosing an Elizabeth Bowen. It's quite the hit with just about everyone who reads it. Great stack of books!

JoAnn said...

A truly excellent month :-)

motheretc said...

What a great pile of books! I so badly want to ready Miss Buncle's Book but my library only has one large print copy - which is missing!

Joan Hunter Dunn said...

ooh I read Miss Buncle's book over Christmas and really enjoyed it.

Rochester Reader said...

Gypsy: Welcome to my blog! I thought the blue was stunning too :-)
Carolyn: :-)
Annie: Welcome! I love Maisie Dobbs and will be popping over to your blog to investigate :-)
Verity: yes! I should have thought of that :-) Thank you!
Darlene: thank you! I think you would love Miss Buncle!
motheretc: have you tried Amazon second-hand copies? Really worth trying to get hold of.
Joan: I started it just before Christmas and read over the New Year... I felt quite cosy :-)

Kris said...

Looks like you had an excellent month! Hopefully the year will continue to be a great reading year for you.