Monday, 19 April 2010

Still Here!

My apologies for the latest silence!  I am still here and back in the UK... blogging will resume very soon.


FleurFisher said...


Cottage Garden said...

Did you have a good holiday and were you held up by 'Volcanogate'!!

The Edible Gardener is on TV tonight - love that programme!

Look forward to a post soon:-)


Rochester Reader said...

FleurFisher: thank you :-) I feel so guilty when I don't post...

Jeanne: Fortunately, I landed in the UK the day before Volcanogate (I love that term by the way, haha). I am also enjoying 'The Edible Garden' programme and have episode 3 saved to watch. I had to try to get into it though as the music and crazy camera work was a bit distracting at first! But it is quite interesting and educational for a newbie gardener.

I borrowed the book (with the same title) from the library and it is a great resource. I've got a bit of a potager patch going on now as a result although most of the food plants I try to keep to containers. I'm enjoying your posts on gardening by the way.