Monday, 29 March 2010

McCall Smith Madness in May

There are no less than three - yes three! - Alexander McCall Smith books being published in May. Two brand new ones (The Dog Who Came in from the Cold and The Importance of Being Seven) and one paperback copy.

Although I am quivering with anticipation at being reunited with the residents of 44 Scotland Street in The Importance of Being Seven, it was the new cover of the paperback edition of Corduroy Mansions that caught my eye. It is an illustration by the excellent Iain McIntosh and those of you who read this book online at the Telegraph site or in hardback will recognise some of the scenes and icons from the novel. I think it's quite clever and Freddie de la Hay looks ever so cute (and regal) with his outstretched paw.


Cottage Garden said...

I'm really enjoying The Unbearable Lightness of Scones'. McCall Smith writes with such charm and lightness of touch and I really like the short succinct chapters.

Jeanne x

Book Psmith said...

That is a great cover! I wonder why the cover art sometimes differ from country to country. I loved the cover for Unbearable Lightness of Scones but found the American one not to be as good. McCall Smith is a very busy writer...good for his readers:)

Hannah Stoneham said...

That does sound like a lot of lovely AMS! Enjoy!


Rochester Reader said...

Cottage Garden: I'm so glad you're enjoying the book :-)

Book Psmith: I have no idea why the covers always differ. As you say, some countries' are better than others. I really liked the American covers for the initial books of the Isabel Dalhousie series... they were so true to the ambience of the books.

Hannah: thank you! It's always great when a favourite writer has a lot of books forthcoming.